Hi everyone! Blogging was something that I used to find very fascinating when I first stumbled across it. I have thought about blogging and making YouTube videos for absolute ages. I study English with Education Studies, hoping to become a Teacher one day... Yup! I'm doing a degree that has nothing to do with beauty or fashion! To be honest, I sometimes feel as though there is a lack of Asian and Hijab wearing bloggers out there. At times when I am in need of desperate inspiration for winter outfits and minimal dewy makeup for brown skin, It is rather hard to find across YouTuber's and Bloggers that cater to my needs and taste. This was the final push that I needed that lead me to sit on my bed, signing up to YouTube and Blogspot. Although I say that, I do enjoy the editing side of things which is probably the main thing that is keeping me going. I have always been an 'artsy fartsy' girl. Thanks for popping by, I hope to see you again!

Peace, Love and Harmony!

- Shakilla
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